Winter Season 2015: Week 8

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Winter Season 2015: Week 8

Mens Football


Central League

Napier City Rovers 0 v Grant Plumbing Petone 1 (Van Elia) 


Petone secure O’Brien Shield and Gail Smith Memorial Trophy


Deputy Chairman Rob Houghton has returned with the deadest stunner of a match review…


For the first time we decided that we would travel up to Napier on Saturday for the 2pm kickoff on Sunday at Park Island to make sure the lads had the best preparation rather than the early morning drive up. Napier City Rovers were unbeaten in the league and holders of the O’Brien Shield and the trophy played between the two clubs, the Gail Smith Trophy, so a tough afternoon was expected.


There are not many better places to play football in New Zealand than Napier and the surface at Park Island looked great, matched by the weather. In my underwhelming football career I missed the chance to play on the number one ground at Park Island so I couldn’t wait to have a wander about and pick up footballs during the warm up. Given Paul Whitmarsh & Barry were not travelling I skilfully negotiated my way into the keeper warm up role and was listed on the card as Assistant Manager which we all know really means Assistant coach when there is no one else around to argue the toss.  


Instead of picking up balls I was now kicking balls and sitting in the dugout!


The boys warmed up well and big Reed was looking imposing in goal, I felt we had the game face on and then the ground announcer provided us with a little more motivation with an error on his IPOD playlist. With Napier being unbeaten thus far but only half way through the season I felt it was a little premature to be filling the arena with Queen’s “We are the champions”, but hey if you back it up with a convincing win then ‘fill ya boots’.


Game time, we started well and looked hungry, G’s plan had us with Van alone upfront with Ritchie and Bob out wide to push on. We knew Rovers had been delivering early ball into the box and with Jordy Pickering, Davy Lane & Reed waiting for the aerial assault we were ready. We didn’t get a chance to settle because in the fifth minute Van received the ball at top of the box, somewhat in isolation, turned well, skilfully held off all Napier defenders and hit a curling right foot screamer into the top right corner. The Napier journalist described it in his Monday morning article as a “prod”. From my position on the bench it was a little more than a prod. I really hope Napier’s video footage picked up the G Little celebration!!!


About thirty seconds later the barrage of comments started from behind us and it was relentless throughout the afternoon. It took all my will not to respond, well my resolve faded after the whistle just a little bit.


Meanwhile on the park the boys were holding their own, Nash & Bayley were holding their guys wide with George, Reiner & Benn Dawson plugging the middle. Napier created one of their best chances next when they rattled a strong header off the underside of the bar for it to bounce out into open play. This would prove to be their closest chance of the number they had with the exception of the “off-side goal” which was disallowed much to the home team and fans disgust. Graham leaned over to his assistant coach (that’s me!) and said, with a big grin, “that wasn’t off, what’s the lino on the other side doing?”


Contrary to some opinions we didn’t just “park the bus” and we should have perhaps got our second when Van broke away alone and was clipped from behind, the ref played on and the ball eventually  fell to Reiner who had his shot saved very well by the Napier keeper. This was perhaps the only major decision we did not get from the locally based ref, I believe a stern talking to was required or maybe cut the chat here’s a red for your collection!


Napier then had a run of contested off-side calls, one being put away that they hotly argued including at the half time break which I felt probably helped the ref’s decisions go our way somewhat. Young Jordan was involved in the two other talking points, the Napier striker clocking him with an extended elbow on the way past was not picked up. Despite this Jordy managed to get a header on target from a corner for their keeper to make a good save. “Goal line technology would have been interesting boss” was my insightful comment of the half.


And behind us the comedy and less profound comments continued, yeeha!


Halftime in the sheds, nice cup of tea, steely looks in the eyes and calm heads. Except Jordy who has a headache like the morning after a night on the free Steinlagers in the sponsors lounge at the rugby, so I have heard. Logan Archer came on as a replacement.


And then we are off again second half, Napier supporters have just now, despite some of their ages, seen their first red head. George is now enemy number one, cue the coppertop jokes. 


It’s fair to say we dug in and defended like crazy for most of the second half. Reed, who went onto a man of the match performance (not surprising given the quality warm up he received), was excellent coming out to gather or punch their crosses. The ball kids despite having to fish the ball out of the perimeter hedge multiple times from the Napier chances that blazed over the bar were very proficient in getting the ball back in play so the game was quick and non-stop. 


Ritchie who was shagged and worried about getting cramp on the bus trip home was relieved of duty for Greenie who continued the high work rate tracking back. They had a couple of excellent chances, a goal mouth scramble and a shot saved by Reed down to his left but generally despite building well and delivering into the box we were first to the cross on most occasions and then scrambled well to protect our lead. 


We had our chances on the break after putting Alex-Sheppard-Reynolds on to try and use his pace and could have made it two but didn’t convert. Focus then turned to running down the time. Our defensive effort was excellent and no more displayed by Alex who shut down a raid on the left tracking back from up top.


After being told by the home fans to sit down or get back in our cage the Petone bench were willing the clock down and finally the whistle went. We were there! What a performance right across the park from all. At this point I took a moment to have a word with the home fans. I was polite, firm and used no bad language but made my point. 


Hugs all round and onto collect the silverware, so much of it we had no room on the bus and it came back to Memorial Park in the Pickering limo!


And a quick stop at The Mill then five plus hours on the Kapiti Kruiser, excellent weekend all round, proud to be Petone and wearing the Blue!


Capital Premier

Miramar Rangers 5 v Petone Reserves 2 (Ben Feld, Ryan McGlinchey)


Capital 3

Petone Thirds 2 (Cameron May, Simon Conway) v Marist 1


Our most trusted reporter Liam Smith tells us how the Thirds stayed top of the league in Cap 3!


Another glorious day greeted Da Firdz as we took to the turf to deliver more of the same in the latest round of 3rd division football. Now in preparation for the following match report I should point out that the "latest" round was round 8, having already played rounds 1, 18, 5, 6 and 4 of the league so far. If you think this is confusing, imagine how hard it was for us to kick off in our usual brilliant style whilst trying to figure out if we were indeed at the right park on the right day. With this in mind, the following events took place between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday 23rd May:


We silenced the crowd by entering the pitch to the Champions' League theme song.


We put Todd on the bench for the first time in his career, poor strategy when we realised he can't score from the bench.


We went 1 - 0 down to a team with no points from 5 games.


Cam missed a header, then netted quite a difficult one moments later in a performance that some punters have branded "Cam May at his best"!


Chris kicked the ball at the referee's face!


Julian was subbed off for what he claims was the first time in his life (I may have misconstrued the message there).


Jimmy axed someone and yet again avoided being booked.


Joe Sambrooke ran his usual 15,000 miles.


We welcomed Zac Comrie back into the squad.


Guy Turner confused himself for an attacking player and, minus a brief lapse in concentration where he gave the ball to Todd (who specifically asked to have his name mentioned for the 1-2) made a 50-60 yard run…drilled an absolute blinder over the keeper and off the crossbar (ie. can't hit the target, evidently not an attacking player)… and Conway tucked away the follow-through with the utmost of composure from a little over 6 yards.


It was a very stressful day watching from the sideline as the aforementioned confusion took its toll on the boys. Although there were murmurs of "stealing" 3 points, to their credit the boys worked hard for 90 minutes and while the performance wasn't the prettiest I can certainly say the never-give-up attitude left us with a win that we really did deserve. We're loving the view from the top!


Petone Fourths 1 (Luke Waring) v Miramar 1


3 Ebert’s on the pitch at one time? You heard correct! Wayne Ebert gives us a breakdown of a tight tussle with Miramar…


Well, when 8th play 9th, you aren’t sure what you may end up with some days – but not this day.


Having 21 at training made for plenty of choice this week, with an injury return and an overseas visit.


The game started off as it was to continue with chances straight away to the Blues and a period of domination, which was handled well by the experienced Miramar team.


Then it was our turn to defend. A speedy Miramar line-up creating plenty of chances but able to get the ball down the flanks and past our fullbacks Graeme Henderson and Brett Stevenson. This meant our CB’s of Stephen Elgar / Joshua Ebert had to be alert to keep out the main strike force.


This battle continued and see-sawed to both ends making for an enjoyable watch – apparently! Both teams hitting the cross bar but going into the half time break at 0-0.


Just a few tidy up things and continue on the same path was the message coming through from both players and coaches at half time.


With Hami showing his calmness on the ball and know-how of when to release the right pass, we were getting the ball into the danger area for Dylan and Luke to create the chances.


On about the 60 minute mark off came Ollie and on went Brad Ebert (2 Ebert’s on the field!) and like last game it made an immediate impact (not that Brad had anything to do with this one), as the ball was swung over into the box by Brendon May and a scramble ensued with Luke Waring putting a head that resembled a full body slam to the ball and pushed the ball (and 2 defenders) into the net. We had our goal up 1-0.


We held the lead for about 10 mins before Miramar made a run and crossed the ball deep over the back for a volley back across the goalkeeper to even up the score. 


Another sub around that time saw a return from a long injury of Anu, who proceeded to chase down any balls knocked in, and although we enjoyed a fair bit of possession we couldn’t capatilise on his pace.


So with about 15 mins to go, the chance couldn’t be passed up for Coach Wayne Ebert to replace goal scorer Luke up front (what 3 Ebert’s on the Field!!). But 1-1 was how it was going to stay with a couple of last attempts at both ends. A fair result after all said and done and things stay the same at 8th and 9th!


Man of the Match was given to Joshua Ebert, who although didn’t want to play at CB all day, was doing so well that the coaching staff thought if they put him forward it could be more trouble than its worth. (He went and played bubble soccer after to release the frustration!) Next time we see him, maybe he’ll have to start in Midfield!  


Capital 6

Marist 3 v Petone Chicago 2


Capital 8

Petone Stonecutters 4 (BJ Crook, Paul Bascand, Guy Balshaw, Dale McWhirter) v IBU Zeros 1


IBU JJ’s 2 v Petone Chuggers 1 (Matt Carnihan)



Masters Football


Masters 3

Porirua City 6 v Petone Mighty Masters 1


Petone Left Over Stew 0 v Tawa 2


Masters 5

Dreamers 5 (Paul Baker 3, David Chapman, Chris Spayes) v Marist 0


They’re top of the league the Dreamers! Paul Martin takes us through a thumping victory…


The rejuvenated Dreamers have got off to a flying start in Masters 5. With only one loss so far this season they are now sitting pretty at the top of the table.


Normally we are holding up the table from the opposite end so as you can imagine it's all slightly weird! The Dreamers have more points on the board already then we have had in the last two seasons combined!


As the players meander towards the changing rooms, the same question is asked to Paul Baker... How many players do we have this week Bakes?..”Ummm should be ok, 11, 12, 13 I think!!” 


It's a lottery...


Kitted up, nets, flags and balls in hand (footballs that is) all nine of us head over to Sladden Park or, as we call it, "The Fortress".


2.30 kick off, the game begins…


The Dreamers take control straight away and inside five minutes we are putting the pressure on Marist. Some crisp passing sees the first attack with Bakes, at the most ridiculous angle, driving his shot, possible cross, high and wide!


Ten minutes later, Chris crosses the ball in from the left, mistimed jump from Marist defender blocks the keepers view who unfortunately nuts himself... 1-0 Dreamers.


Straight from kick off the Dreamers are piling on the pressure, completely dominating the midfield. From another attacking moving a cross is whipped in and flying in at the back post is Bakes, boom 2-0.


The referee is struggling to keep up with these fine athletes in this very fast paced Masters 5 game! Ball goes out for a throw in, ummmm unsure of whose throw it is, so he awards a drop ball!! Somebody shoot the ref....


Half time is called, off we sprint! 


Whilst sipping on our high energy drinks, Bakes give us our usual inspirational half time team talk (exactly the same one as he gives his juniors). 


Subs done…2nd half underway.


Grant Jensen is complaining on the side lines that he was bored in the 1st half at right back as he had nothing to do!! 


Ten minutes into the 2nd half, Simon Hendry goes off on one of those mazy Maradona runs, turns 1, turns 2 and then strikes the ball, oohhhhh saved!


The back line is now pushing forward more and more, in fact I think Greg Revell has decided to play as an attacking midfielder! Leaving Troy, bored George, and Simon in the back line!


With a sprint down the line by Mark, a wayward shot results in a corner! Chris delivers in the cross, there he is again, Bakes jumps, heads… GOALLLLLL or was it off of new recruit John!!? No chance said Bakes, already over the line! 3-0.


Jason in goal has not had one shot to save, we are worried that he is going to get hypothermia! 70 minutes gone and the Dreamers looking very comfortable.  Gary Stapleton has joined the Dreamers no1 supporter, Donna Revell, on the sidelines to support, criticise or just take the piss!  Stapes is looking a little depressed! I bet he regrets hanging up those gloves!


With pressure mounting on Marist, another break from midfield, some 1- 2 touch passing sees Ian run down the line, the cross comes in, ping pong begins with Revie having the clearest swing, out it goes for a goal kick! Marist keeper, takes the goal kick, oh dear, right into the path of Bakes, 1 on 1 with the keeper, never in doubt, 4-0 and a hat trick to Bakes.


With five minutes remaining The Dreamers attack again, piling the pressure on. A corner ensues, the ball is delivered into the box David Chapman creates space by shoving the defender in the back, the one eyed ref missed the blatant foul, allowing Dave the easy tap in. 5-0.


Final whistle blows, game over. Revie locks the gates to the fortress, time for a few cold ones back in the clubrooms and celebrate being top of the table..... For how long........ Well that's a lottery!



Womens Football


Premier League

Powerex Petone 2 (Vanessa Olson, Sarah Kendall) v Upper Hutt)


Womens 1 

Powerex Petone Reserves 0 v Wairarapa 10


Womens 3

North Wellington 2 v Petone Power Rangers 2 (Andrea Carter 2)



Junior Football


Another full round of games last weekend in what was chilly start to the weekend.  You can certainly tell Jack Frost is on his way!  It was a weekend full of football for some with games on Saturday and also the annual Wynton Rufer tournament at Hutt Park for 7th and 8th grades.  Petone entered two teams in each grade with all players representing the club well. This week our youngest contributors so far provide some insight into the 10th grade girls only Settlers team and one of the 8th grade teams in the Wynton Rufer.  


We are still looking for regular updates from our other teams so remember to get in touch or fire your report through by Monday evening to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


GOSL 10th grade match report – Petone Settlers


I walked in through the gates and my team mates Amelia, McKenzie and Alex were already there. McKenzie told us that Shane had tonsillitis and was in hospital so McKenzie’s mum was our coach. The rest of the team arrived and we did some practice, like dribbling to the line and back, passing in a circle against a defender, and goal shots. I had heaps of supporters on the sideline because two of my mum’s friends, my uncle and my sister all came to watch. We walked down to the pitch for our first game. It was against Wellington United Diamonds. I was in goal for the first half and I only let one goal in. 


Wellington United scored first but then McKenzie scored a great goal into the top corner of the net. It was one all! After half time Caitlin went into goal and I was off for the first five minutes. Wellington United scored again, but then Zara scored for us and it was two all. Unfortunately just before the end Wellington scored and we lost 3 – 2 at full time. But we all played well and did a lot of passing. We were unlucky to lose. 


We moved to our second game against Karori. Amelia went into goal for the first half and made some great saves. Karori scored first but we fought back with Zara’s amazing goal. Unfortunately Karori scored a few more goals. We didn’t score any but we didn’t give up. We kept having lots of shots on goal and we kept having fun. Keira was player of the day for never giving up.


Nova Hill


8th grade Petone White (Wynton Rufer tournament team)

On the 24th of May, Petone White went to the Wynton Rufer tournament.  Our first game was against Miramar, after the huddle it was time to get started. After a few minutes into the game Aryav made it 1-0 to Petone White. 


At half time it was 4-3 to Miramar, after the second half the score was 6-5 to Petone White. The goal scorers where Aryav (2) Alyssha (3) and Kaiden (1). Our next game was against Karori.  Before the game we did a warm up as we had a half hour between games.  This time Ashtun scored two goals and we won 3-1. 


We played three more games before the finals.  We played Wests (winning 11-0), KCU (drew 4-4) and Onslow.  The game against Onslow was really tough and unfortunately we lost (7-3).  We went on to play off for 3rd and 4th against Seatoun.  Everyone was pretty tired after a long day of football and the score kept going one to them and one to us.  Finally though they scored in the last minute to win 4-3.  We all had a great day with heaps of fun and were really proud to come 4th out of 14 clubs in our draw.


Alyssha Eglinton