Petone Arena

  9 May 2014   Craig Deadman   Club News

There has been several stories circulating recently in various media regarding the Petone Arena concept. Myself and two other Management Committee members attended a public meeting last Tuesday regarding the HCC Annual Plan. The Arena concept was an agenda item. We were there purely on a fact finding mission and to understand the impact it would have on local sports clubs should it go ahead. During the meeting we voiced our concern at the lack of consultation so far with the clubs directly affected, of which we may be one. We have since met with the Hutt City Community Facilities Trust (CFT) and now have more information on their proposal.


The Petone Football Club has no official stance on the concept at this stage. We will be discussing in depth at a Management Committee meeting this week and will be preparing a submission to The Hutt City Council. 


Craig Deadman