Website Updates: September 2014

  2 September 2014   Comms Team   Website Updates

Over the last couple of nights we've pushed out a handful of changes to the Petone FC website. While most of these changes are performance improvements and bug fixes there are still a couple of minor visible changes along with what we think is a big improvement. Now we won't bore you too much with the nitty gritty details other than to say the website now loads quicker than it ever has.


Sponsors Banners

We've made a few changes to the code that powers the Premier Sponsors and Funding Agency adverts in the right hand column. The result is a smoother animation and a smaller file so it loads quicker.


We have also reinstated a feature that we used to have back in the day. Now when you click on one of our Premier Sponsors' banners you will be taken through to their website. As always, do your best to support our sponsors where you can. Without their help we wouldn't be the club we are.


Men's, Women's and Junior Football Pages

The above landing pages have been tweaked to display the last three relevant news headlines. The main news feed will still be the place to go but this change will hopefully make it easier to see the newest information that matters to you.


Search Function

Now onto the biggest change we've made, the search function. While the old version worked it wasn't great. The search algorithm has been adjusted to show more relevant results and we've thrown in a bunch of new features too.



If your search matches any one of our Premier Sponsors or their description you will be shown a short profile of the sponsor above the search results. You will find their phone number, address and website.


Search Function Feature Sponsors



Just like the sponsors above, any event that matches your search query will present you with the key information about the event such as date and time, location and time.


Search Function Feature Events


Player Profiles

Searching for a name will bring up the player profiles of anyone in the Men's and Women's first teams. You will see key info about which team they play for, their position, squad number and their headshot.


Search Function Feature Player Profiles


Search Suggestions

In an effort to show you relevant information we've also added in a search suggestion feature. This will display a short list of possible searches that might fit with what you are searching for. You can still search for terms outside of this list but we hope it might make things just a little easier to find. If you do wish to choose one of the suggestions you can either click on it or use the Tab button on your keyboard to go down to it.

Quick tip: if you use the tab button and go past the term you want you can use Shift+Tab to go back up.


Search Function Feature Suggestions



If there are any features you would like to see added to the website or if there are any bugs you find please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..