Community Partnership Announcement

  1 May 2013   Craig Deadman   Sponsor News

We are very pleased and excited to announce we have recently signed a 5 Year Community Partnership agreement with Vodafone NZ. This is a fantastic coup for the club and we are extremely grateful for the wonderful support and opportunity to be associated with such a well known, respected and successful company.


The partnership will allow us to commit extra resource towards critical areas such as junior development, women’s football, facility improvements and future turf training time. We are committed to the continued development of home grown talent and producing future men’s and women’s 1st team players from within. The support from Vodafone assists this goal whereby we can add to our new Junior Development Programme which is vital to our future success..


We will be promoting Vodafone around the club through a variety of means (shirt branding, signage, website coverage etc) and Vodafone will be promoting a range of products, services and offers to all club members throughout the duration of our partnership. I once again urge all club members to support Vodafone wherever possible to ensure our partnership is successful..


Craig Deadman