Live From The Sick Bay… Pt 3

  15 December 2014   Sam Boyd   Senior News
Live From The Sick Bay… Pt 3

In the third instalment of our “Live from the Sick Bay” reports we catch up with...


Michaela O’Connor


Michaela O’Connor was one of the many stars to shine last season in an incredible season for our Women. She won Most Improved from the Women’s First team. We got in touch with her last week in Bali (don’t say we don’t go that extra mile to get you the goods on your favourite players!) to see how her return from a pretty serious injury was going…


Over to Michaela…


'It's amazing how much you can achieve in a warm up. Since our last game of the Kelly Cup, I have been bent and twisted, while a series of health professionals have hypothesized a multitude of less than ideal conditions existing in my knee.  It took seven weeks to get an X-ray and MRI. Finally, the surgeons report read something like this: "You've buggered your ACL (thanks, now we'll have to try and make a new one). You've torn your meniscus TWICE, (we can try and stitch one bit together again, but the other bits a goner, good luck without it!). Just wait patiently while we take 12 days to email this very report to ACC who will then take a short and sweet 4 weeks to inform you of your clearance or lack of. Another thing, we are closed  for two weeks over Christmas so try us in January to book your surgery in. Best Regards, Lower Hutt DHB."


I appreciate that everything's moving comparatively quickly for me - but quite frankly, it's still a pain in the knee.


My recovery is however going swimmingly. I'm focused on building up strength and stability so that it might be a little easier on the other side. I can straighten my leg and walk normally again. No running. But I'm getting bloody good at watching movies on the bicycle. The pain hangs around, but you forget to notice it.


I'm writing this, (my first big gig in the journalism industry,) to you at 10am in 32 degree heat in Legian, Bali. I have a handsome man to my right, and a swim up bar on the other side of the pool (perhaps a suggestion for next years team trip?).


When I get home I'll be starting a new job with the New Zealand Parole Board which is very exciting. As for football, I won't be back playing for another  9-12 months post surgery. I may have to learn cheerleading over summer. I will however be involved with the women's committee and floating around games I'm sure - you can't get rid of me that quickly!